Saphira Story Behind the Brand

Saphira is the first company to bring the minerals of the Dead Sea to the world of hair care.

The Dead Sea is rich with 26 essential minerals, twelve of which are unique to this invaluable landmark. These minerals nourish the scalp, activate circulation and enhance relaxation, repairing the hair and protecting it from stress and environmental damage.


Paris Salon Introduces….

Pre-taped human hair extensions blend seamlessly for a natural and stunning look!!

These are much finer then typical hair extensions because they are natural and blend beautifully with your own hair. They are very secure, add volume PLUS dimension that your friends will envy – Rolando Cevallos

Ask your stylist if our pre-taped extensions are right for you or call Paris Salon at 631.686.5500

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Pink Hair for Hope

Paris Salon is pleased to announce their participation in the Pink Hair For Hope

For a $10/strand donation, clients can choose from a professionally, bonded pink
hair extension attached to their natural hair, or a clip-in extension they can
put in themselves and re-wear.  The pink symbol of hope brings awareness as well
as financial support to cancer patients and research.
All proceeds from Pink Hair for Hope will be donated to EBeauty Community(TM) –
The Beauty ...

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Hot Sizzling Ponytails Are Trending Right Now

Rolando Cevallos of Paris Salon notes, “Hot sizzling pony tails are trending right as we speak.  Just take a look at these examples of a hot swinging new pony tail look that we can create for you.  Give us a call to set up an appointment.
We love our Paris Salon clientele.”

See  the 9 New Ponytails to Try This Summer from Allure Magazine!!

Allure Magazine

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Ombré is Better Than Ever Before – Hot for Spring 2014!

Rolando Cevallos of Paris Salon states, “Two years ago, Ombré made its debut and it became a trend in the hair fashion industry.  Gorgeous models and actors decided that this was the look they wanted – basically you achieve dark to light tresses.

But the new Ombré for 2014 is even better and the results are amazingly beautiful.  A trained Ombré stylist has the know how to give you that multi-dimensional color.  This is accomplished using a combination of ...

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Oscar Winning Hair!

Rolando Cevallos states, “So when I saw all the Hollywood glam stars with their beautiful hair styles, I said to myself  these stars are paying a fortune for their hair to look “natural”.  Did you notice that some glams had soft curls in their hair? We can give you the same exact look as your favorite Hollywood star at Paris Salon. After all, we think that all our clients are “STARS” and we love you all!!!!

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Disconnected Hair – What’s That All About

Paris Salon in St. James, Long Island: Right now as we speak, the latest look, “Disconnected Hair” is both edgy and sophisticated. A disconnected hair cut is any cut that features dramatic length changes in the hair. Having the disconnect in the lengths and the lack of smooth transitory layering leads disconnected haircuts are considered very “edgy” and they often come and go as trends progress. Some examples of the disconnect are more striking than others, but all have ...

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It’s All in the Brush

Rolando Cevallos of Paris Salon states, “It’s all in the brush.  Did you know that you can actually damage  your beautiful locks if you are not working with the right hair brush?  Rolando states, “Not all hair is the same.  Before you purchase a brush, ask your stylist what’s right for your hair.  And remember, to get that runway look for a special event or party, Paris Salon is standing by to wash and blow your hair to perfection.  We ...

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The 6 Hottest Hair Color Trends for 2013

  1. Ombré hair color has been popping up on red carpets for more than a year and is a great color option for brunettes (see model Lily Aldridge pictured on this page, she’s sporting ombré color). Learn more in this photo gallery of 20 amazing ombré hairstyles.
  2. Dip-dye hair color has seen no signs of flagging in popularity in 2013. Not just a trend for teens, dip-dye color — in which the ends are dipped in color, while the rest of ...
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